STOP Mosquitoes From Eating You Alive!

Amazing noise-free device kills mosquitoes FAST and without toxic chemicals!


Vicious swarms of mosquitoes were eating me and my family alive! But then we discovered the device that stops mosquitoes dead in their tracks — without poisonous chemicals or noisy electrical “zaps”!

Mosquitoes have got to be one of the most annoying pests ever. They bite like crazy, giving you welts that itch and burn so bad you’ll scratch them until you’re raw and bleeding.

My family likes to have barbeques in our backyard, but swarms of mosquitoes were making it completely impossible. Ten seconds after stepping outdoors, the mosquitoes were literally crawling all over us!

I knew I had to do something if we wanted to stop being menu items for those bloodsucking pests. So I decided to do a little research online. And what I discovered was worse than I imagined.

Do you know which animal is responsible for the most human deaths each year?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s not sharks. It’s not bears. And it’s not poisonous snakes, either.
Believe it or not, mosquitoes kill more humans every year than ANY other animal – BY FAR.

In fact, each year mosquitoes kill ONE MILLION PEOPLE around the world! That’s 20 times more than the second place killer, snakes, which “only” kill 50,000 people a year.











You see, mosquitoes can give you a host of DEADLY infections – including malaria, West Nile virus, Yellow Fever, encephalitis, Dengue fever, and the Zika virus.

A million deaths is no joking matter! That’s twice the number of American soldiers who got killed in all of World War II… and it happens every year!

My wife and I were ready to give up on outdoor activities entirely… until we discovered the mosquito killing secret that let us enjoy our backyard again!

The SECRET To Stopping Mosquitoes Dead In Their Tracks!

Let’s get straight to the point. I don’t want to beat around the bush regarding such an important matter of personal health, comfort, and safety.

A neighbor introduced us to a device called the Buzz B-Gone. It kills mosquitoes, and it kills them QUICK. And best of all, it uses no harmful chemicals or poisons.

The Buzz B-Gone has had an enormous positive impact on our family’s lives. Now we can go anywhere without getting swarmed by mosquitoes. Not just in our backyard, but on picnics, trips to the lake, camping trips, you name it. In short, we can ENJOY our lives again!

But before I give you all the details on this incredible product, let me give you the lowdown on some other mosquito-killing methods we tried (and why they didn’t work out for us)…

Buzz B-Gone Kills Mosquitoes DEAD — Without Poison Or Dangerous, High-Voltage Devices!

At first, we thought it would be easy to protect ourselves from mosquitoes. We went to the local drugstore and bought some bug-repelling spray. Problem solved!... or so we thought. But what we ended up with was one of the worst weekends of our entire lives.

First off, the poison spray STINKS to high heaven. Believe me, there is exactly ZERO chance you won’t notice it. Your whole body will smell like a toxic chemical plant.

My wife suffers from migraines, and five minutes after spraying herself the smell gave her the worst one she’s had in years. I had to take her into the shower and scrub the spray off of her, and after all that, you could still smell it.

That left me and the kids. But just 20 minutes after spraying them, they got an allergic reaction to the spray, causing redness and irritation. It was horrible, and to put it mildly, our entire weekend was ruined.

Next, we tried one of those electrical bug zappers like you see on restaurant patios. It worked okay, but if I’m going to be honest here, it caused a lot of problems.

First off, it was big, ugly, and expensive. But that’s just the beginning of the problems.

When a bug would fly into it, it would make the bugs EXPLODE, causing a huge mess on our patio. Dead bug bodies and gooey, sticky bug parts everywhere. Believe me, it was gross.

But the worst thing was the noise that would happen every time a bug got zapped. The light on the unit attracted a million moths, and every time one flew in it would sound like a crack of lightning. This would happen about 3-7 times per minute, and it made it impossible to sleep.

And while the device worked okay, there was no way to take it with you… which meant we were still getting eaten alive if we went camping, on a picnic, or to the lake or beach.

Buzz B-Gone Kills Mosquitoes Without Any Poison, Dangerous High Voltage, Or Loud, Annoying Cracks!

We’d planned on having an outdoor barbeque, but after five minutes of being eaten alive by mosquitoes we retreated to our kitchen just to get away from them.

But as the sun went down, I noticed people outside next door. They were having a barbeque of their own! Intrigued, I gave me neighbor Bill a call on my cellphone.

“Hey,” Bill said, “we’re having a barbeque! Why don’t you bring Sophie and the kids over?”

“But what about the mosquitoes?” I replied. “We were gonna have a barbeque in the backyard, but the mosquitoes were positively KILLING us!”

Bill just laughed. “Trust me on this one, buddy!”

Bill started laughing again when we showed up in his backyard. We were covered from head to toe in heavy clothing, just to avoid getting bitten. We must have looked ridiculous wearing all those heavy sweaters and jackets in the heat of summer.

Buzz B-Gone Creates A Mosquito-Free SAFE ZONE For You And Your Family!

Buzz-B-Gone uses UV light to attract mosquitoes and a powerful 360 degree suction fan to capture them. It kills without the use of chemicals and is perfectly safe for children and pets.

I’ll admit it, we were kinda scared to take off all our layers of clothing. But Bill was right — his backyard patio was entirely free from mosquitoes.

I glanced around Bill’s patio. I didn’t see (or hear) any bug zapper. And I didn’t smell any stinky, poisonous sprays, either. So of course, I asked Bill what he had done to drive off the bloodsucking pests.

That’s when Bill showed me the Buzz B-Gone. It doesn’t use ANY kind of poison or chemicals. It doesn’t use ANY dangerous, high voltage, and it doesn’t make ANY loud, annoying, zapping sounds, either. And best of all, you can take it with you anywhere.

“You know how when some great new invention comes along you think ‘why didn’t anyone ever think of this before?’”, Bill said. “Well, the Buzz B-Gone is one of those inventions.”

He pointed to a device sitting on the table. It looked completely innocent, giving the appearance of a fancy blender or juice maker.




“Here’s how it works,” Bill said. “It emits UV light, and the mosquitoes CAN’T resist it. They’re immediately drawn to the light, they can’t help themselves.”

“Once they get in close, a powerful fan sucks them inside the unit. Their weak little wings are no match for the power of the fan. Mosquitoes need moisture to survive, and the fans dry them out and kill them within two minutes. And when the evening’s over you just take off the lid and dump the dead mosquitoes in the trash!”

I couldn’t believe it, but it was true. I kept glancing at my arm, waiting for a mosquito to appear, but they never did. We all had a fantastic evening, and not a single one of us got bitten the entire night!


(Very limited run — please check for availability!)

Of course, I ordered a Buzz B-Gone that very night. It has COMPLETELY changed our lives. Now we can enjoy our backyard barbeques again. And the Buzz B-Gone is completely portable, meaning you can take it with you on picnics, camping, or wherever else you want mosquitoes to LEAVE YOU ALONE.

You can power it with any USB source. I use one of those rechargeable USB bricks so I can take it with us everywhere, and it uses so little power it can run all night.

Don’t let those little flying vampires ruin your summer fun! Get your own Buzz B-Gone now, and start enjoying a life free from the annoying little biters!


Joanna T.
at 3:44 am

“Here in Florida, the humidity makes the entire state a heaven for mosquitoes. I was CONSTANTLY getting bitten, and the bites would itch so bad it would drive me crazy. Thank goodness for Buzz B-Gone…now I can enjoy life again without feeling like a chew toy!”


Andre T.
at 7:47 am

“Me and some friends like to play Dungeons and Dragons, but since a few of us smoke, my wife forbids us from playing in the house. The mosquitoes on the patio used to eat us alive, but the Buzz B-Gone changed all of that. Now we can concentrate on fighting dragons instead of mosquitoes!”

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Julian M.
at 1:45 pm

“I take the Buzz B-Gone with me EVERYWHERE. It’s great for picnics in the park, and I even take it on my little boat when I go fishing on the lake. It keeps those rotten mosquitoes where they belong – AWAY from me and my family!”


Chloe K.
at 7:03 pm

“I get a TERRIBLE reaction to bug bites of any kind, and mosquito bites are the absolute WORST. My skin turns red, I get bumps, and the itching is just beyond unbearable. I don’t know what I’d do without Buzz B-Gone… it has totally changed my life!”